Network Monitoring Tools


Now, let’s say, we’re really successful on persuading you (and your department) to buy a network traffic monitoring software. You’ve installed it already but don’t know how to make it work. Actually, before you can use that software, you need to install additional tools for it to properly do its job. Don’t worry, majority of these tools are free and are readily available for download on the internet.

Network monitoring

Also, take note that the term network monitoring is used for two very different concepts: for network traffic monitoring and the other one is for remote computer monitoring. If you’re still confused, you can just opt to go straight to these websites:

You can try visiting NMTF tools (that’s the first site that’ll appear in your Google search for “network monitoring tools”). You can find all the tools you need here. If you’re very unfortunate and NMTF tools doesn’t have the tools that you need, consider Sniffers.

Sniffers is Steve Baum’s rather outdated list of network sniffing tools. Another site to check out is Zenoss. This one is a bit more updated. Aside from having a very nice looking site template, this site also has an impressive set of network monitoring features.

Other sites to check are ntop, Pload, Ksnuffle and IPAC.